Meet Andon D. Allen LD

Andon D. Allen LD , is our licensed denturist who has been working on providing quality and successful dentures for over 20 years. He has patented equipment that people have seen and used in many Universities around the world. He is a recognized graduate of the Dental Laboratory Technology, as well as, a member of the N.F.I.B., and Washington Denturist Association.

Andon D. Allen is an avid boater and motorcyclist. He is a disabled American Veteran who served in the U.S. Navy for 3 years as a marine electrician and electrical designer. He is a pilot, an avid boater and motorcyclist. He has a love for auto racing and has won 2 championships. Stop by Allen Dental & Denture Clinic today and say hi to Andon. He would love to meet you.

Andon D. Allen LD
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